kyoki-the-writer inquired:
The writer was having a really bad day as he walked through the hallways of the institute of war. Stupid summoners... "Age-appropriate-writing" - as if anyone had time for that! But they conficated his latest work and sent him of. Lost in thought he bumps into a certain freljordian warlord. Usually the writer would grovel and apologize, but he was too pissed to do so. "Hey, watch were'ya going! ", he growls as he turns around, not knowing who had blocked his way.

"I am watching where I was going. I played a fun little game called ‘How long before the man realizes I am not changing direction for the likes of him’. The good news is, your a winner! The bad news is, because you didn’t say sorry, you don’t get the prize. But because you snapped at me, you win something else. The finger breaking prize." Seemingly from nowhere, she pulled out a small box, and opened it revealing 6 smaller boxes inside. "In each of these boxes is a token representing which finger I break. In the 6th, your whole arm! Isn’t that fun. But hold your horses, don’t try to run. Don’t pick a box and I break your leg! Decisions decisions. You have 30 seconds on the clock."

And with that, she set a small alarm clock, again seemingly procured from nowhere, and set it to go off in 28 seconds. 

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